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Alumni - 1940's

Alumni Graduation Year Listing
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1942 Harman, Earl (Bill)   Deceased, 1984
Story Below
1943 Bykerk, Donald N. bykerk@brightok.net  
1949 (Kemper) Montgomery, Sharon butterflymom440@msn.com 1707 14th Street Road
Greeley, CO 80631
1948 Kroon, Ronald rk33417@windstream.net 6260 Aylesworth Ave
Lincoln, NE 68505
1949 Lundy Ward, Betty bettyjlw@yahoo.com 387 So. Cotner Blvd.
Lincoln, N E

Alumni Alpha List
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Harman, Earl (Bill) 1942   Deceased, 1984
Story Below
Bykerk, Donald N. 1943 bykerk@brightok.net  
Lundy Ward, Betty 1949 bettyjlw@yahoo.com 387 So. Cotner Blvd.
Lincoln, N E


Thank you Donald for cointributing this piece of history

I recently became aware of your web page and found your inquiry as to the first graduating class and how the Rocket's got their name. When Northeast High was formed by the combination of Havelock High School, Jackson High School (University Place) and Bethany High school it was originally called "Tri-High", which was in the fall of 1941.

The first graduating class was in June 1942, although there were mid-year graduates, as I recall, in January of 1942.

The name Northeast Rockets, wasÊadopted by vote of the students, from several purposed, after it was decided that Tri-High tended to maintain the divisiveness between the three communities, and caused by their athletic competitiveness when they were separate schools.

The name and logoÊwere adopted at that time and used with the beginning of classes in the fall of 1942. The name and logo had nothing to do with a Train to the best of my knowledge, and as I recall the submission was based upon the fact that Northeast was going to the top like a Sky Rocket and was the waive of the future like Buck Rogers and therefore the logo like his space ship.

The name seemed to unify the school into one and from that time forward Northeast High has always been a force to be contended with on the athletic fields as well as in the Halls of Education.

Don Bykerk, Class of 43

My Dad was one of the first people to graduate from Northeast High School

by Edward Harman

Bill Harman was born in University Place but raised in Havelock and his father worked for the CB&Q at the Havelock Shops.He had come to LNE when Havelock, Jackson & Bethany consolidated. He had been held back a year as a child because of burns suffered when he fell into some burning leaves otherwise he would have graduated from Havelock High.

He graduated in the first graduating class at LNE, in January 1942 I believe, anyway I know he graduated mid term. He told me that there were 3 people in the graduating class. He was also the first captain of the football team and received all state honors.

I seem to remember looking at my father's yearbook that had pictures of graduates who were serving in the war in it.(although it was for the class after him) It had a picture of a rocket on the cover. It wasn't like the rocket shapes as we know them today but more like the Buck Rodgers type for those old enough to remember.

He served in the Navy in WWII in the Pacific where he received a Purple Heart and a Presidential Citation. He died in 1984 after retiring from Goodyear. His son, Edward Harman and Granddaughter Dr. Lisa Scott Trautman, maiden name Harman, who teaches at Florida State University in Tallahassee and is Vice President of the National StutteringÊFoundationÊwere alsoÊRockets.

I, Edward Harman, attended LNE Jr. &ÊSr,ÊHighÊuntil my junior year and then we moved to another city. I donated my fathers letter jacket to the school when he died. I remember giving it to Mr. Els. I wonder where it is now?

My name is
Edward Harman
1805 NE Diablo Way
Bend, OR 97701