Policies and Practices

Policies and Practices

The following are the practices and policies that are utilized across all classes at Lincoln Northeast High school.

Tardy Policy


At the end of the day, we will run the daily tardy report. Any student who has 2 or more tardies, between periods 2-7, will be assigned a lunch detention the following day.

Your student is expected to be in class, on time, every day and every class period. Unless the attendance office is notified by a parent/guardian that the student will be absent from school. Tardiness and excessive absences affect student achievement. Attendance is vital to student success. Little can be accomplished when the student is not in school. The learning, which comes from the daily interaction between teachers and students, is irreplaceable. On the day of the absence, the parent/guardian is to call the Attendance Office (402-436-1303, option #1.)

NOTE: Athletics and Activities have additional attendance guidelines.

Cheating / Plagiarism Policy

Cheating or plagiarism is not tolerated at Northeast High School.  When a student is suspected of cheating or plagiarism, due process will be followed.

Definition and Purpose of Homework
Definition: purposeful activity or practice to enhance, facilitate, and/or reinforce learning.

Purposes of Homework may:

Extra Credit Policy
Extra Credit is not an option.

*Alternative academic opportunities will be provided for students to demonstrate essential learning proficiencies.

Grading Scale
A =      90-100
B+ =    85-89
B =      80-84
C+ =    75-79
C =      70-74
D+ =    65-69
D =      60-64
F =      59 & Belo


Materials that students bring to school should contribute to the learning environment (i.e. books, writing utensil, etc. . .)  Some items that may cause a distraction to learning may include:

1.  Cameras                                5. I-Pods or MP3 players            
2.  Cellular phones                      6. Laptops *
3.  Handheld gaming devices     7. Laser Pointers
4.  Ipads or Tablets *                   8. Skateboards **

*Laptop computers or Ipads/tablets have become increasingly common in our school.  While these devices are not categorically prohibited, the individual classroom teacher may confiscate any item that interferes with instruction if the student is not using the device for an acceptable educational purpose

**Skateboards - Students whose preferred mode of school transportation is a skateboard must check the skateboard into room 201 upon arrival and departure from campus.  Skateboards should never be stored in student lockers.

The list of devices that may not contribute to a positive, productive learning environment should not be considered exhaustive.  The staff always reserves the right to confiscate nuisance items or other objects that interfere with school purpose or otherwise constitute rule violations.  Students may also receive disciplinary consequences for significant disruptions or repeated violations.