Computer Labs and Equipment Request

 Computer Lab/Resource Check-Out

For your convenience, the following items are now available to be
reserved on the Lab/Resource Reservation System.

  • AverMedia Document Camera (aka. ELMO)
  • LCD Projector Carts:
    • LCD/DVD Cart
    • LCD/DVD/VCR Cart
    • LCD/Blu-Ray Cart
    • LCD/Laptop Cart
  • Mobile Labs (Mobile Labs may NOT be reserved for Substitutes)
  • Television Carts (with VCR or DVD)

Once reserved, these items will be available for you to pick up in the Media Center.


Please remember that you can sign up for no more than
3 days in one week in the Computer lab.

Remember when you are not going to use a lab to
open the lab back up for another class to use.

Lab 131
- 31 Computers
Seating Chart


•    No Food or Drink in the Computer Lab.
•    All Students are to have assigned seats by the teacher.
                            Ms. Southworth will have a copy. 
•    NO Moving or Changing anything on Computer or Monitor
•    Computer use is for curriculum-related projects only. 
•    All copyright laws must be followed. 
•    Access to all computers is logged and can be monitored by LPS.
•    Violation of the guidelines will be subject to disciplinary action,
     Including loss of computer privileges at Northeast High School.