About LNE

Lincoln Northeast High School is accredited by the North Central Association of Secondary Schools and Colleges and has been rated "AA" by the Nebraska State Department of Education since 1943.

Mission Statement

Lincoln Northeast High School is dedicated to educating all students to develop their potential in an instructional environment emphasizing high academic expectations, positive relationships, and respect for diversity.

Belief Statements

The School
Lincoln Northeast High School is a four-year comprehensive High School, which includes, grades 9 through 12.  Present enrollment is approximately 1,600 students. Lincoln Northeast operates a seven-period instructional day, each period being 50 minutes in length. The recommended pupil academic load is 35 credit points per semester. A total of 220 credit points (230 credit points for the class of 2010 and beyond) is required in grades 9-12 by the Lincoln Board of Education for graduation. Students select from a curriculum designed as either nine-week, semester or full-year experiences. Courses in the curriculum are considered standard, exploratory, or intensive depending upon length of course, content, etc.  The curriculum is divided into eleven instructional departments, with some additional experiences available to students being classified as "non-departmental."

Selected courses are designed to prepare students to meet the Lincoln Public Schools Graduation Demonstration Requirements in reading, writing and math. The GDRs apply to all students graduating from the Lincoln Public Schools, and are in addition to the 220/230 credit hours requirements.

District Statistics  link to  http://misc.lps.org/misc/post/index.cfm?collection=87
Collections of information about district statistics by school including total enrollment, ethnic, gender, socioeconomic, ELL, gifted and numerous other distributions can be found in the Statistical Handbook.

LNE Counseling link to http://lne.lps.org/counseling/default.html
Learn more about Accreditation, Graduation Requirements, the Academic Program, Grading Scale, recent Post-Secondary Education Plans, ACT Test Data, and grade distributions of the current class on the LNE Counseling Page using the LNE Profile link.

Believing the best philosophy of education is expressed by objectives that can be communicated and evaluated, and recognizing the diversity of society and that each individual should have equal opportunity to reach his/her full potential, Lincoln Northeast High School dedicates itself to those Goals for students adopted by the Lincoln Public School's Board of Education and translated into learning programs and activities appropriate for all students and staff.

Goals for Students

Student Success
Lincoln Northeast students have experienced success in almost every area. Many LNE athletic teams regularly qualify for state tournaments. The band receives superior ratings in all numerous competitions. Students have regularly placed well in state and national competitions in vocational programs, speech and debate, and student council.

All faculty members at Lincoln Northeast are certificated teachers who hold college baccalaureate degrees. More than 50% of the staff holds Master's Degrees and several have attained PhDs. All are highly qualified to teach and are dedicated to their assignment and the teaching profession. 7.5 administrators, a full-time nurse and one media specialist also serve the student body. To e-mail any staff at LNE click on Faculty.

Curriculum for LNE
The curriculum of Lincoln Northeast is organized into eleven instructional departments. In addition, there are some experiences available to students, which have been organized outside the standard department-cluster basis. These are categorized as "Non-Departmental." The basic unit of credit in the Lincoln Public Schools is the "credit point." In philosophy, the "credit point" is related to "an amount of learning the student has accomplished. However, to facilitate an easier transition for our students who must transfer to other school systems before they graduate, the "credit point" also usually has a dual relationship to the amount of time the student spends in class. A class that meets for one period, five days per week, for nine weeks is worth 2.5 points. Most courses, then, have credit points, which are some multiple of that time span. In the course descriptions, the amount of credit for each course is listed in parenthesis. For some experiences students receive variable credit. In these instances the credit is directly related to the amount of learning a student has accomplished, not the amount of time spent in class. Here is a link to the LPS curriculum guide.

The Northeast Community
Lincoln Northeast High School receives students from a suburban area within the corporate limits of Lincoln, Nebraska, the state's capital city, which has a population of approximately 200,000 persons. The Lincoln Northeast district includes the University of Nebraska East Campus, the Nebraska Wesleyan University Campus, Burlington Northern railroad shops, the Goodyear plant and other large industrial plants. The district also includes three suburban business zones, and predominantly residential areas. These residential areas are composed of both older established neighborhoods and newly developed neighborhoods located east and north of the high school. A predominantly middle class section of Lincoln, ethnic minorities make up 5 percent of the district's population.

Three rival high schools, Bethany, Havelock and Jackson, were combined to form the "Northeast High School." The doors opened September 9, 1941 with 26 classrooms, a swimming pool and vocational agricultural wing. There were 196 students in the first senior class with a total enrollment of 1,027 in the junior and senior high.

The idea of a high school in northeast Lincoln came about with the help and vision of five civic clubs of Bethany, Havelock and University Place.

This school’s goal was to bring about unity creating and building strong business relationships and a closely-knit civic community out of the three settlements.

Black and white was chosen for the school colors because of their neutrality. Jean Westmorland came up with the name "Rockets" as in "to the moon and the future."

In 1957 the school's official name changed to Lincoln Northeast High School.

Additions to Northeast since 1941 include: