Rocket House hours are until after school until 6:00 p.m. (Monday – Thursday) or 5:00 p.m. (Fridays). Arrive by 3:10 (2:15 Tuesdays) or have a pass.

EnglishMs. SearMs. SearMs. Sear
ScienceMr. StadingMr. StadingMr. StadingMr. StadingMr. Stading
Social StudiesMr. BrooksMr. BrooksMr. BrooksMr. Brooks
Math (Room 130)Ms. von Kampen, Ms. Seiboldt, Ms. OkembaMrs. Quist, Ms. SeiboldtMr. Rozsa, Ms. ImigMs. von Kampen, Ms. Okemba, Ms. Imig
Spanish & FrenchSra. Johnson (Spanish)Sra. Johnson (Spanish)Sra. Johnson, Mme. Campbell (Spanish & French)Sra. Johnson (Spanish)Sra. Johnson (Spanish)
(PLC Time)
General StudiesGina PetrieNHS Tutoring (during PLC), Gina PetrieKen AndersonKen AndersonKen Anderson, Gina Petrie
eLearning and HealthMr. BullingMr. BullingMr. BullingMr. BullingMr. Bulling