LNE Grading Scale

A = 90-100
B+ = 85-89
B = 80-84
C+ = 75-79
C = 70-74
D+ = 65-69
D = 60-64
F = 59 & Below

Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory Grade Option

What is it?

The S/U grade option is a chance for any student to select a grade of Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory rather than the standard A-F system. S means “passed the course” and credit is awarded; U means “failed the course” and no credit is awarded.

Can I do this in all my courses?

You may select up to 10 credit points of courses in any one semester but you may only use a maximum of 30 credit points of S/U courses for graduation.

What are the best courses to choose for this grading option?

Choose the S/U grade option for a course in which you think the grade you receive will be much lower than all the others you receive. If you plan to participate in athletics at an NCAA college or university, an S/U grade in a “core” course may not be acceptable. Check with your counselor.

Will this affect my GPA or class rank?

An S/U grade is not figured in your overall grade point average but one 5-point class does not have a major impact on your 4-year GPA. Courses taken for marks of S and U are not included when computing honor roll or class rank.

IF I select the S/U grade option and do better than I thought I would, can I change my mind?

Teachers evaluate your work as though you were striving for an A-F grade but award an S/U at the end of the grading period. Before your teacher scans the final grade, you may inform the teacher that you now reject the S/U option and want the standard grade awarded.

If I selected the S/U for the first semester of a two-semester course, does the option carry over to second semester?

No. We have found it best to file another request form if you wish the second semester to also be graded on the S/U option.

Are there deadlines for selecting this option?

Yes, there are: S/U options for 1st quarter classes; i.e. Career Ed., certain P.E. classes and Health…must be filed in the Main Office by September 23, 2009; first semester classes by November 13, 2009 and 2nd quarter classes by December 8, 2009. The 2nd semester deadlines are February 23, 2010 for 3rd quarter; second semester classes by April 12, 2010, and 4th quarter by May 3, 2010.

Are there special forms for this?

You may obtain the proper forms for this option from the Counseling Center or the Main Office.

***Note: The S/U grade option relates to the final grade. Because the nine-week grade for a semester class is not placed on your permanent record and is a “progress report” to parents, that grade may be given in the standard A-F terms.