LPS understands that when parents, families and guardians have a concern, they would like a quick resolution. Below is suggested guidance for parents, families and guardians to communicate their concerns through the appropriate channels. It is not required that parents follow the steps outlined below, but we provide this guidance to help you connect with the person who is best able to respond to you in the most accurate and timely manner. These suggestions may help lead you to the most knowledgeable, experienced and consistent responses to your messages, questions and issues.

  1. Talk to your student’s teacher
  2. Talk to your student’s principal
  3. If you are not sure who to contact, visit our website.
    • Click on the blue Contact Us button and select a topic link to get the best person to answer your question.
  4. Contact the Department of Elementary Instruction or Secondary Instruction (402-436-1626)
  5. Contact members of the LPS executive team:
    •  Superintendent: (402) 436-1601
    •  Assistant Superintendent for Instruction: (402) 436-1626
    •  Assistant Superintendent for Business Affairs: (402) 436-1636
    •  Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources: (402) 436-1592
    •  Assistant Superintendent for General Administration: (402) 436-1605
  6. Contact a member of the Lincoln Board of Education

We understand when you want to “go straight to the top,” however, that might actually slow down your chances of quick results. The most timely responses will result when you target the person in your school or in the school district that has been assigned directly to your issue. If you have further questions or concerns, please communicate with either your building principal (if it is a building issue) or the LPS communications department (if it is a district or community issue) 402-436-1610. 

Submit an online comment, question or compliment on our website lps.org by clicking on the Contact Us button.

Professional Qualifications

Parents may request and the District will provide information regarding the professional qualifications of the student’s teachers and paraprofessionals.