April 17, 2021 @ 8:00 pm – 11:00 pm

We are excited to be able to offer the class of 2021 the opportunity to attend prom this year on Saturday April 17th from 8-11:00pm. As we move forward with the planning process, please know that it will look different this year.

One major change is that only LNE seniors will be allowed to attend. The second change is that prom will take place on-site here at school. Due to local guidelines and the potential for changes to occur between now and the day of the event, we will host prom here at school so that we can reduce the potential for variability and get started with the planning process. Our experience hosting dances here at school will help us make the most of our space and set up the event in a way that provides a dance floor, while still offering a place to step away from everyone, take a seat, or get a drink. Attendees will be required to wear masks at all times while at the event. No outside guests or visitors will be allowed into the event beyond the student attendees. If families wish to take any pictures of their students and friends, please plan to do so prior to the event. Our standard dance expectations and guidelines still apply. Students will need to make sure that they have paid any outstanding fines and/or returned any school materials that are still checked out to them in order to purchase a ticket.
All year we have worked to provide students with as many opportunities in athletics and activities as we can. Students are not required to attend and we understand that there will be varying levels of comfort with regard to attending a dance, just as there have been with participation in many other activities this year. After experiencing so many cancellations over the past year, we are happy to provide the class of 2021 with this opportunity in its modified format.
LPS will continue to monitor community conditions with the LLCHD. All plans for prom are subject to change if community conditions change.

Please feel free to contact our main office with any question you may have regarding Senior Prom 2021.


Keri Applebee – Principal